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“Loving good food, good drink and casual entertaining, I am very pleased ktchens have become the entertainment center in many of today’s homes. Customers are looking for artwork to enhance this family and friend gathering space. I love the fanciful beverage and food artwork of Tim Nyberg (“Shaken Not Stirred,” “Mocha Double Shot”, and “Mother Hen”) and Nailia Schwarz (“SimpleThings-Potatoes,” “Encounter,” and “Simple Things-Half Empty Or Half Full”). Their prints will bring a smile everytime someone walks into the kitchen. For something a little more understated and traditional, I recommend the watercolors by Robert Joyner (“Zin-Findel,” “Mason Jar,” and “Still Life with Diet Soda”) and the food images by Dianne Parks (“Oysters on the Half Shell,” “Barbequed Shrimp,” and “Friday Night Special”). Check out these artists to view all of their images., ShopForArt, Art, Framing, DecorAnother favorite of mine are cityscapes. Cityscapes help people remember their vacations and travel adventures. A collection of different artists’ skyline renderings make great starters for conversations as well as providing a showcase for personal memories. I enjoyed the watercolors of Michael Tompsett and abstracts like those of Bri Buckley. Design Turnpike creates some interesting cityscapes and maps using vintage license plates. Customers interested in a more traditional city skylines would enjoy the photography Alexis Birkill, Az Jackson and Vivienne Gucwa to mention just a few of the photographers available on

I like to be surrounded by art and memorabilia that promote and bringing back happy memoires.”

– Trish R., Regional Sales Manager & Director of Operations, Canada


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